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Living Space Design

A room does not only represent a part of a house, but much more than that. A living room consists of elements that support some interconnected interactions. The presence of Arcade Living provides a whole new choices, and even alternative options to make each room in your house unified with the needs of function and essence of art. Arcade Living does not only help you to transform a room as a part of a house but also turn it to reflects yourself.

Dining & Kitchen Design

A kitchen is one of the main sources of energy from a house, it brings a powerful love of a family. A dining room is another great space to spread affection among family members. Arcade Living presents a kitchen that represents function as well as design sense, adopting the host characters. The kitchen is integrated with a dining room as a place to accommodate family members to utilize the quality time to communicate to each other make your house is the one and only place to be called home.

Bed & Board Design

A rest is the most important part to end the day. Arcade Living polishes your private needs by designing not only a very comfortable space, but also bringing out your own character in it. The storage spaces also arranged with special design to presents a tidy arrangement. There will be a different feeling when you start your day in a room which is neatly arranged, functional,and suit your taste.

Apartment Style Design

The integration of functions and aesthetics are the key to get around to limited space. Arcade Living presents interesting interior designs which fulfill the basic needs of the owner as well as accentuate the aesthetic elements. The exploration of design ideas to provide the best spatial planning for apartment are continuously conducted in order to bring out a visually beautiful apartment and keep prioritizes the utilization of space limitations.
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Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install
The first phase to personify your dream home is a face-to-face meeting with Arcade Living team. It aims to hear your needs and wants. Arcade Living is more than ready to realize your dream and making your home as a real definition of home which gives you not only comfort, but also deeper emotional involvement.
Arcade Living focuses on what the is most appropriate for you and how to process it until becomes the most satisfying final result for you. The creative processes cover from ideas development to decide the final concept suitable for your character, in line with the functions, aesthetic values, and your needs.
Arcade Living wants to help you to realize a design plan and make it as a part of your home. Integrating various objects to be a unity of harmony and making a real space from scratches pictures which has a great taste of art are parts of our vision and missions.
To build and to install every single material thoroughly is just like to collect every piece of dream and make it real. Every part of the design and complementary ornaments harmonize with the greatest taste of art. Arcade Living owns a production workshop to help you to make your definition of home becomes real.
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